Know how our well-researched curriculum can help your Children


Bubbles Curriculum is a complete solution to the Modern Preschool Education. It comprises the first ever Day-wise Play school curriculum and teaching methods for nursery, Pre-primary 1 (LKG) and Pre-primary 2 (UKG). We provide supporting books for upper three classes. Buying this curriculum would be one step solution to all your preschool curriculum academic needs.


Based on Hi-Scope and Montessori methodology , Bubbles offers Child-initiated approach for teaching toddlers. As, this is a well researched and field tested curriculum, it ensures Joyful Learning for kids. This is just not a collection of themes and activities. It changes the academic culture of your school. Bubble philosophy in other words reflects in its 3 C’s Curriculum- Child, Content and Context.


We have micro-scheduled all that has to be taught in your school to help teachers save time on preparing lesson plans. Now, by following Bubbles curriculum, even a new untrained teacher can maintain the standards of your Preschool. We have documented even the conversations that a teacher has to carry out in class. We also provide term-wise assessment sheets which you can customize according to the syllabus covered.

what Parents say about Us

“It was our first time enrolling our son in preschool so we were nervous at first but the teachers and the rest of the staff at Little Palms Pre School are so incredible that they soon made us feel comfortable

“My child has learned so much from the pre-school program. The minute he started at Little Palms Pre School , which was at 18 months, we saw changes in his independence and confidence.

You hear that the first five years are the most important, at 3 years old he’s starting to read, doing addition, and asking “why” or “explain, please”. Now, as we prepare for him to leave Little Palms Pre School

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